Sunday, February 20, 2011

Student Letter of Recommendation Requests

Professor David A. Gerstner
Student Letter of Recommendation Requests

NB: You must allow 3 – 4 weeks for letters to be complete and submitted by appropriate deadline.
*All supplemental forms for your letter must indicate that you waive your rights for future access to the letter I write.

Following your formal request in an email, and in order for me to successfully complete letters of recommendations for graduate school applications, academic-job positions, or non-academic positions, I will need the following information should I agree to write the letter(s):

1.      -CV.
2.      -Statement of Purpose or Cover Letter (preferably that which you intend to send with your application dossier).

3.     -Writing Sample of most recent work, and that you consider relevant for your application. It is best that this sample match the sample you will send with your application.

4.     -In the case of application letters directed to multiple institutions, I request the following:
a.     Spreadsheet (Excel or some variant readable on Mac) that clearly lists all universities to which you are applying. Be certain to identify the proper name of the department to which you are applying.
b.     Please include deadlines, whether application is submitted electronically or via traditional post.
c.      If the traditional post is required you must supply me with SASE(s).
d.     Please keep in mind that the 3-4 week window is extremely important for doctoral-program applications and academic positions.
e.     If possible, I encourage you to establish an account through Interfolio where I can post one letter which will be accessible to multiple institutions at your request.